My Research

Leveraging network and data science for HIV prevention

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Social Sciences within the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University and also serve as a Quantitative Methodologists for the Third Coast Center for AIDS Research.

My research examines the intersection of HIV and drug use. My early work focused on using latent variable modeling to improve the measurement of HIV risk behavior and understanding within person variation in risk behavior across different environments and social circumstances.

More recently this work has shifted to leveraging modern 'data science' approaches to measure, understand, and intervene on the root causes in the spread of HIV. If you're interested in learning more, check out the project websites below or take a look at my github profile.

Current and Recent Projects

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Network Canvas

MPI: Birkett and Phillips
My Role: Co-Investigator

The goal of the Network Canvas project (R01DA042711) is to extend and harden a software tool to capture social, relational, and geospactial data using a touch screen interface. Check out our website to find out more

Entity Resolution

PI: Janulis
My Role: Principal Investigator

The entity resolution project is a recently funded NIH project (R21LM012578) attempting to improve the ability of network researchers to match individuals across personal networks using machine learning tools. This project would revolutionize the ability to use sexual network data in near real-time to inform HIV prevention and efficiently target resources.


PI: Mustanski
My Role: Co-Investigator

The RADAR study is a longitudinal cohort study of young men who have sex with men (YMSM; U01DA036939). This project follows more than 1,000 YMSM, collecting biological, behavioral, social, and geospatial data every six months for up to 5 years.


PI: Phillips
My Role: Co-Investigator

PLoT ME (Plotting Layers of Transmission in Micro-Epidemics) aims to enhance understanding of the geosocial contexts of young men who have sex with men with the ultimate goal of identifying and addressing potential HIV microepidemics. PLoT ME was funded as a supplement to the Third Coast Center for AIDS Research (P30 AI117943)


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